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Jennifer Maksymetz & Matt Robertson

Jennifer Maksymetz  is an artist and curator from Vancouver. Recent works include ‘13 Indigenous Grandmothers’ a narrative photo installation , and ‘The London Eyes’ an alternative audio guide.

Matt Robertson is a composer, orchestrator, producer and synthesisist. He creates analogue synth soundscapes. His latest album will be released in June on Cartesian Binary Recordings. He is Bjork’s Music Director and has orchestrated for Bat for Lashes, the Prodigy and Gallows.

Aurora Borealis soundscape at Canada Water Library

This piece is composed specially for Sound Tracks and will be installed at the Library overlooking Canada Water.

The music is based on two main ideas; one is the ratio 3:8, which is the approximate time difference it takes for oxygen atoms that have been excited by the solar wind to emit green or red light. 

The other is the idea that within the random beauty of the Aurora, there is a peculiar sense of order in the shapes and colours. 

The 3:8 ratio is translated into musical intervals and ratios of frequencies, and the chaos / order paradox is translated into a pseudo random set of compositional directives which determine the course of the music. 

There is an arc throughout each iteration of the cycle, starting with a representation of the Solar Wind, through to the ionisation of electrons, and into the beauty of the coloured striations of the Aurora Borealis.

- Matt Robertson