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Early Birds on sale

  • By Kier

While some among us may have gone a bit off the rails this weekend, you’ll be pleased to know Sound Tracks is still bang on course. In fact, tickets for this year’s event are on sale RIGHT NOW, for the rather generous early-bird price of just a tenner. Be quick though, as the price will be a-rising soon…

Buy tickets now


Until then, take a look at a couple more of the delightful venues we’ll be alighting at in May…


Mannequins will come to life at Dalston Oxfam. Will they be of the Kim Cattrall or Doctor Who variety? You’ll have to come along and find out…


Whither to but Rotherhithe? The station that everyone passes through but never gets off at is undoubtedly the East London Line’s best kept secret. We think it’s fantastic, which is why we’ll be alighting at the Brunel Museum and putting on something special in its floodlit Victorian tunnel…

Oh! Nearly forgot to say – we’ve spruced up our design with some tasty new graphics. Nice, eh? If any of the bloggers/ journalists among you like the look of them, please feel free to download and share our brand new media kits, which are available here. Hope you like them!

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